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For Sail / For Sale!

As well as his talent at the drawing board, John’s an expert model maker!

John recently exhibited his ‘scratch-built’, radio-controlled, scale model of the three masted topsail schooner ‘Lizzie May’ which was duly awarded the Henry Booth Trophy for best in show!

The real ‘Lizzie May’ (built in 1900) is the last remaining vessel of its kind still sailing and was renamed the ‘Kathleen & May’ in 1908 . For more information follow this link to the ships website:

It’s not just an ornament either, the model has been in the water on several occasions and looks splendid under sail!

The model is now up for sale to make some room for Johns next project; a 4 foot long, radio controlled, Thames Sailing Barge!

Please get in touch through our contact page if you’d like to make this award winning model yours!

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